I've been thinking a lot about whether the 'way we do things' is the right way to approach communicating & exploring new processes. I think the better question is the 'why we do things.' Business, technology, & smart people move too quickly have a 'way' of doing things dictated to them. Today I use GMail, Yammer, & Skype, two years from now we could all be using something else entirely - if we focus on the process instead of the purpose we hang ourselves in the details & lose sight of the big picture.

I looked a two company mission statements, one of which captures the 'why' and one of which captures the 'way' they do things. Where would you rather work? 

Company A: With the above mentioned values in mind, we plan to grow more rapidly than our competitors by providing customers with the solutions they need to capture, store, process, output, and communicate images, anywhere, anytime. We will derive our competitive advantage by delivering differentiated, cost-effective solutions including consumables, hardware, software, systems, and services quickly and with flawless quality. All this is thanks to our team of energetic, results oriented employees with the world class talent and skills necessary to sustain Kodak as the world leader in imaging.

Company B: Capture & share the world's moments.

If you haven't already guessed, the first one was Kodak. The second, Instagram.