Intelligent risks are essential for growth.

Many clients I've worked with want to become more innovative, customer-focused, and adaptive. This often comes in the form of a brief for a new product, or a workshop to explore innovation.

These new products become a Trojan horse for organizational change: they act as the driver of new behaviours and ways of thinking. On the journey to innovate, organizations must undergo change.. 

When I'm engaged as an organizational consultant, I act as an enthnographer, observing and understanding the client's underlying culture and operating system, and how it currently delivers on the client's goals.

Successful clients ask: 1) Why do we exist? 2) Why do want to change now? 3) How do we want people to feel when using our product or service? This brings clear purpose, sense of urgency, and focus on the customer to the project. Once we uncover these motivations, we have a North Star to set our direction.