Was privileged to work with an incredible team of developers, creatives, clients, and client services folk from Sydney Film Festival & TheFARM Digital on a new festival website..  Sydney Film Festival is a 62 year old organisation dedicated to bringing the best in film to Australia. We were briefed to design a website that brought the magic of the festival to life on screens. We approached the project with an intensive 5 day design sprint, working side-by-side with clients, developers, and creatives to define our purpose, most important user story, metrics for success, and overall - to ensure we were aligned on product purpose & prototype before a single line of code was written. As the product strategist and design sprint lead, I worked with all stakeholders to ensure we were aligned not only as a team, but aligned with an existing user need. Read more about the process on Medium.

On launch day, Sydney Film Festival had their biggest day of ticket sales in 62 years.