In just 8 weeks, our product team developed and launched Taubman's paint planner, a tool to help people get started painting. Simply follow the paint planner and we'll generate a customised paint plan tailored to the surface, colour, and size of your painting project.

We were briefed to refresh the website to compliment the path to purchase and help people overcome barriers to painting. We approached the design challenge with a user research sprint, speaking to people who had recently painted or were planning to paint soon .

After discovering a market gap for useful products in the paint category, we engaged in a co-creation process with Taubmans to develop a product that would help people overcome barriers to painting by giving them the right information in the right place at the right time, and reinforce Taubman's brand promise (technology, applied). As the product lead, I worked with all stakeholders to maintain the brand's product vision & roadmap, while prioritising the features that met our user's needs.